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SureDrive Features


Individual Row Section Control

Each SureDrive row also acts as an individual section shut-off, reducing overlap, wasted seed and lodged plants.


Variable Rate or Prescription Based

Easily and effectively vary the population across the whole planter with the hyper-responsive electric SureDrive unit.


Turn Compensation

Avoid overplanting inside rows and underplanting outside rows with turn compensation. SureDrive automatically adjusts meter speed on each row to keep a consistent population around turns, contours and terraces. 


Ideal Population

Eliminate wheel slip of ground drive systems, eliminate the lag of hydraulic drive systems, account for each row unit’s speed around contours to achieve perfect planted population.


Maximize Uptime

Only one chance to plant. Maximize uptime by eliminating maintenance of chains and bearings with traditional planter drive systems.


Improve Seed Spacing

Eliminate vibration induced into the meter from chains, bearings, and sprockets. Smooth meter rotation = Good seed spacing quality.


Perfectly Suited for the Planter You Know & Love

With SureDrive, you don’t need a new planter or new meters. Just powerful meter control to whip your existing planter into shape. 




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