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CartACE Features: 


Grain Cart Operation Simplified 

When it’s time to unload, the grain cart engages with press of button and automatically steers on a line directly under the combine’s auger. Autosteer takes over steering to assist operator with accurately unloading on the go. 


No Guidance Line Management

Simply get close to the combine and engage steering. Guidance line is automatically created using the logged combine data allowing grain cart to steer on combine path for easier unloading.


Live Map and Location  

Track combine’s progress with a live map of harvested portion of the field from the display in the grain cart and on iPad from anywhere. Know when and where to be to operate efficiently.


All Machines and Vehicles Connected

Support for multiple combines working together, combine displays match sharing information live progress and share with connected vehicles. 


Live Grain Tank Counter

No more guessing where the combine is or watching for that amber flashing light. Know exactly when and where to meet the combine to unload.

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